International collaboration on Mycetoma
a platform for early-career professionals


Mycetoma is a neglected tropical disease endemic throughout the ‘Mycetoma Belt’.  It may result in crippling, stigmatising disability, deformity and often amputation. Much remains unknown about the disease, including details of its epidemiology, transmission, pathogenesis and global burden. Many aspects of disease management can be improved also through better surveillance, diagnostic tools and treatment and support options.

Individuals, partnerships and organisations from across the world can all contribute towards improving this situation. This is the role of MAGIC, a platform bringing all these groups together, promoting pioneering investigation into knowledge gaps and facilitating international collaboration to improve disease control and patient well-being.

MAGIC is particularly keen to support early-career professionals to develop interest, knowledge and expertise in Mycetoma research and practice.


A global, multi-disciplinary association of experienced and early career professionals, institutions and organisations working collaboratively to investigate knowledge gaps and to improve practice.  


One - To provide a platform for international collaboration on Mycetoma research and for developing programmes which alleviate the burden of disease

Two - To increase awareness amongst the global health community of this neglected tropical disease

Three To promote opportunities for education, training and development of research skills 


MAGIC is an association.

Any organisation, institution or individual with relevant, genuine interest or expertise in Mycetoma is welcome to collaborate in ongoing or new work. 





There are significant gaps in our knowledge of Mycetoma, including exact details of incidence and prevalence in different endemic areas, the disease reservoir, mode of transmission, details of pathogenesis and the socio-economic impact on individuals and society.

Numerous areas of disease control and patient wellbeing desperately require improving, including early diagnosis, treatment options and support for those already affected by the disease.

MAGIC will facilitate collaboration between different operational, research and funding organisations and early-career professionals in order to target these areas and to generate new information and solutions.



The Association will promote awareness amongst the global health community. This will include information about new advances and publications, drug trials, treatment and programme innovations, relevant events such as conferences, lectures, courses and meetings, and available opportunities for involvement.

The aims of such advocacy would be to increase awareness within the global health community generally, and more specifically to stimulate interest, attract funding and recruit established and early-career professionals to work on Mycetoma.


Knowledge and practice regarding Mycetoma varies both internationally and within the Mycetoma Belt. Greater standardisation of knowledge, experience and practice will contribute to better patient outcomes globally.

MAGIC will therefore aim to generate and promote quality, standardised educational tools and opportunities, including online learning resources and options for clinical attachments.

Skills and expertise in investigation and research are also important. MAGIC will aim to create resources and partnerships between experienced and early-career professionals to allow transfer of research skills.